New passion is bubbling up around the world to birth new faith communities that take the neighborhood seriously. There is a growing groundswell of leaders discovering the abundant possibilities of organizing tight-knit communities, that commit to life-forming discipleship, that stay rooted in a particular local place. But where to begin? The typical attractional, personality-concentric strategies for planting a church will not take us deeper into the soil and sod of God's mission. We need to re-learn how to plant place-based churches that are sustainable and sensitive to God's spirit loose outside the church walls. What are some key practices we must become equipped in?

Join us for a pre-day to explore hands on training and lived-in tools for Starting Missional Churches from Scratch.

PLACE (Dan White Jr.) – What discipleship tools do we need at the heart of our church planting that draws us into the beauty and brokenness of our neighborhoods?

POWERS (Kyuboem Lee) – What systems and strongholds within our city and within ourselves do we need to engage as we start gathering for a new missional church?

PERSONHOOD (Taeler Morgan) – What does the life of a church planter look like? How do they stay healthy and whole amidst the challenges and conflicts that church planting brings?

This Pre-con will include 3 workshops and 3 panel discussions led by Church Planting Coaches from the V3 Movement. We will also share lunch together (cost not included).