The North American church is facing credibility challenges from a culture that is ever changing and imposing on the ways we live, think, and even relate to each other. Although Christ gave the command to make the disciples, many in the North American Church do not understand the significance of that command, and because of uncertainly and doubt, they don’t accept his invitation to do it. These are critical missional and ecclesiological issues.

From the mass exodus of millennials to the lack of understanding concerning biblical justice and the growing racial/ethnic, socioeconomic, and political divides in our local congregations and communities, the local church is desperate for ways of being a credible witness in a world that is constantly changing. Where are the kingdom citizens whose hearts, priorities, and lives have been deeply changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ?

In this preconference workshop, mentoring coach Natasha Sistrunk Robinson will present a kingdom mission of disciple-making that is holistic with a firm foundation in biblical theology and a radical commitment to intimate relationship building in communities and small groups.

Using her tested resources, Mentor for Life: Finding Purpose through Intentional Discipleship and its accompanying Mentor for Life Leader’s Training Manual, she will engage and equip attendees to be disciples who intentionally disciple others, and provide practical tools for mentors who multiply. This is a cross-cultural challenge that expands across ethnic, socioeconomic, and generational lines.

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