Stop Suffering From Homeless Missionary Syndrome


It’s a common story.

Maybe you grew up in the Church or you had a powerful conversion experience.

You loved your church, denomination or tradition. You knew the theology, ecclesiology and even the personalities.

You were all in.

You decided to dedicate your life to joining God’s mission and you were happy to do that where you were.

But something changed.

Maybe you realized you were embedded in system that was stuck in the assumptions of Christendom - ill-equipped or unprepared to engage the needs of the world in a missionary mode. 

Perhaps you were hurt by a group that ignored or ostracized pioneers.

Or it might be that you read a book or heard a podcast that broadened your understanding of church.

You began to feel frustrated. Alone.

The thing is—you’re more passionate about Jesus than ever!

You’re actively working to see God’s will done on earth as it is in heaven. But you're suffering—because you're doing it alone.

Stop suffering from “Homeless Missionary Syndrome" and discover a broad, mission-driven community at the Awakenings Gathering.

At Awakenings you will meet:

  • Reformed friends, committed to telling the world about God’s glory

  • Wesleyan friends, keyed in to God's prevenient grace at work in the world

  • Charismatic friends, embodying a warm and passionate relationship with the Holy Spirit

  • Anabaptist friends, passionate about discipleship and the Church as an contrast community

  • Anglican friendsuniquely positioned to hold forth the riches of our historic faith and spirituality

  • Men and women, leading together as partners, not in gendered silos

  • Thoughtful practitioners, diverse in their backgrounds and contexts, but united in their love of God

And so many others besides! 

You’re suffering because you’re trying to do mission alone.

You can’t keep it up forever.

Stop suffering—join a larger community on mission at Awakenings.